Life’s beauty

Life is beautiful,that’s for sure…but have we ever asked ourselves what defines life’s beauty?

For many, a beautiful life means a life with all the material things they desire, and enough money in a bank account(some hardly get satisfied, no matter the amount). But let’s face it, not everybody has it this way….

For some, life is beautiful if they have with whom to share it with, meaning that love is that something which makes it so amazing. And their treasure is their family. But not all people are so lucky.(the rate of divorce is too high, I’m afraid).

And for a number of people, beautiful life means having a meal for the day, and if they have more, they make sure to share it with people who don’t have. Because they know how is not to have. They appreciate even the smallest act of kindness, and most times they are the ones doing it.

Now, looking at the categories above, we see that people who have less, actually have more. And their true values, aren’t  money, which can be lost in a blink of an eye, but kindness, love, appreciation, thankfulness and peace.

I look around me, mostly at people my age(I am not that old, but people tell me I have an old soul) and I get sad. Where are the principles and morals? When did being cool, meant copying people from TV who look like they are happy, but they aren’t in fact?

When did the values become something not to be done, otherwise you will not be accepted in a group of people?

When having your own opinion started being something so bad?

Every single person on this planet is different, therefore the different way of thinking, and people should start accepting that.

Then, another thing…you as a person, if you don’t respect yourself, nobody will. And I see, mostly young adults, which don’t have any respect towards themselves, and accept being treated like something disposable…that’s wrong on so many levels.

If you  want something for yourself, but you’re too lazy to work for that something, I doubt anyone will come and offer it to you on a silver platter. Remember, those are called fairy-tales.

And hardship sometimes strikes…so we stop and start to wonder…why me? why some people lead beautiful lives, with everything they want, and no worries?


Just stop and sit for half an hour and look at the people passing on the street. How many of them are smiling? If you smile, how many of them are returning your smile?

People live with the illusion of happiness, but in fact, few are happy and lead a beautiful life. And a beautiful life is based on values, and standards, and principles, so don’t let anybody tell you otherwise, and don’t change your way of being, just because people are ignorant.

Lead a beautiful life, and maybe, you’ll spread that beauty around you, and make it beautiful for others too 🙂



First day… and then, the rest of our lives

Do you know the feeling when you meet someone for the first time, but it feels like you already know each other?

      It was a beautiful day in may when we shook hands and introduced ourselves…well, I introduced myself…he was too surprised to respond 🙂

Didn’t pay to much attention to what has just happened since I didn’t think anything would happen, but it did…it lit up a spark…which I wasn’t aware of until later…

….When I first saw you, I was mesmerized , like I was carried in the past and future, in the same time, all this, while you were shaking my hand. In that moment, I knew that I needed to see this wonderful creature again. So, I returned , day after day after day, hoping that our conversation would be longer than “Hello”.

 I wasn’t expecting to see him so often, but I secretly wished to, because he was making my heart bounce…

First date….

We were both nervous, not knowing what to expect ….We met for a coffee, then we took a walk in the park…it was promising….other dates followed….. it became clearer where we were headed to.

“Mars will be just a place where we’ll stop to admire the Earth and it’s beautiful blue oceans and then we’ll move further,because our journey has no destination…”

We celebrated our first week together, first Christmas, first  new year, first Valentine’s day, birthdays, and then, one wonderful evening, he turned to me, proposing….he realized that life together is the only life he wants, so we started a whole new chapter….

Despite the fact that it was such a wonderful journey until now, it wasn’t easy, due to the difference between us, but we have decided to solve all the problems,  and continue our journey together, as ONE.

I still wake up in the morning to find flowers next to my bed and letters in my pockets… I still get invitations to dates, or movies, because even thought we are about to get married, we are still continuing to conquer each other ….love is a process , don’t forget that 🙂

Love is the most wonderful thing, and is not supposed to be lost from our souls, no matter what life brings. Love needs to be the pillar on which two souls build their lives. Love is the answer to all life’s questions, because when you find love, you find the answer.

So to all the people out there who are in love, we have just one advice: once you found him or her, make sure you know that that’s the right person(not the perfect one)  and then start building a beautiful life together.

Don’t settle for a sms saying I love you, but do it in person as often as you can. Instead of an email, write a letter or a poem. Instead of buying chocolate, why don’t you cook for her?

Make sure you give compliments, and pay attention to details.And most important, make sure that you are willing to compromise. You have to do it at some point…

For those who are still waiting for love to come their way… don’t lose hope, and don’t be in a hurry…it comes when the moment is right. No need to rush the process. And use that alone time for yourself…. it might be what you need for the moment.


Ah, love… such a wonderful feeling 🙂







For those who have been reading my posts and visit my blog, I have decided to make a short introduction of myself.

To be very honest, I don’t like talking about “mi persona”, because I never know what to say, but I’ll give it a try 😀

Well, I grew up in a big family (I am the 3rd child out of 4), having an older brother and sister, who by the way, encouraged me to break my arm when I was 4 and a half. Long story made short, because my older brother and sister decided that they want to act like monkeys ( they really loved climbing trees), I said to myself “Hey, I want to be just like you” (people who have older siblings will understand me), therefore, they pulled me up in a very big plum tree, and one by one we jumped…well, I missed the landing (big time), and got myself an open fracture…yes, both radius and ulna were “hanging out” to get some fresh air…Since that scared the pants off my siblings, they literally hid me in my room, and my parents started missing me when, and I quote” It got too silent around the house”.

Next thing (by the way, 6 hours after I broke my arm and realized what happened to me), they rushed me to the hospital and I got “fixed”….I loved the bandage for a while, because I became the star of the kindergarten, but then I got bored (I don’t understand how people can be the center of attention for more than 2 months), so I asked my dad to take it off and I was free (not Dobby free, but you get the point).

My next “adventure” was meeting a real, brown bear, in the forest. Another story made short, I went camping with my dad and my uncle when I was 5. Since they’ve decided to go and gather some fire wood, I stood with my dog behind, and next thing I know, is this very big(I was very small) creature coming towards me. Since my mom used to read me bed time stories at that age, I said to myself…wow, just like in the story, (but better) so I started to walk toward the big brown thing… we almost shook hands(or paws), but then my dad decided to ruin all the “fun ” by chasing that bear away together with some other people.

I have to admit that I had the energy of three, therefore it was hard for adults to keep up with me , or for me to keep it down ^_^

More “adventures” followed… when I was 12 I started boxing…that was my dad’s idea of learning how to defend myself…well, it turns out I was made for defending others…one day, a girl(which ended up being my best friend after the “incident”) beat up my younger brother, so my” big sister instinct” kicked in, and I broke her nose and two teeth(who knew I was that strong? I didn’t). Now ,don’t get the wrong idea,because I am not proud of that,but I’m saying that it came in handy.

During middle school and high school,I started reading like a lunatic( I literally read every day…I even have a record: 250 books in one year…therefore the nickname DEXTER), and I started to discover that I have an artistic side…I started to draw(imagine my surprise :D).

After I finished high school, I started travelling. I spent 4 months in Italy, then 2 years in Seoul,South Korea, another year in London, UK and then I returned to Romania. By the way, I am Romanian, and actually proud of that 🙂

Since I was busy investing in myself( I know, it sounds selfish), and trying to discover the real me, I didn’t pay attention to things such as dating and relationships(my brother actually asked me if I’m “OK” LOL).

It made more sense to me, to find out what I really want, and I have decided that I want a mature relationship, so I have slowly prepared myself for that.

And, before turning 24, I have found him, or he found me 🙂

We started as buddies, then we became best friends, and after a while(a short one ) we realized that we want each other, so we started dating….4 months later we were engaged and now we are preparing for the wedding .

So, you see, things don’t need to be rushed. They happen when they are supposed to 🙂

Recently I have lost my dad, and it hit me hard, but I am very thankful that I didn’t have to go through this alone, because this wonderful man, my future husband made sure that I know that I’m not alone. That I feel safe and that I feel his love.

And this taught me something…that people really do have to appreciate the people around them….all the time, not only when they do something nice for you, or at Christmas, when you see their appreciation based on how big the presents are.

Sure, I have flaws( nobody’s perfect)…I over think, I am very critic with my work, I pay too much attention to details(that got me in a few trouble), but at the end of the day(except being happy that the day is over), I am thankful for the good and the bad, for what I have in my life and for having so many opportunities around me.

So, I am a simple person, with a rich history(it sounds like I’m antic), and very old fashioned( I grew up with my grandma and I have to thank her for that….really 🙂 ), and I feel comfortable in my skin. I have accepted( hopefully, others too) that I am not perfect(nor I am trying to achieve perfection), so I am just focusing to do all I can to make the people around me smile, especially my  very special guy 🙂




Do you ever wonder if you’re the only one dealing with certain things?

Things such as…

….Being afraid of fireworks or loud noises…

…Not liking to travel by car, because you were involved in a car accident which left unseen scars….

….loving someone secretly, and being tempted to tell that someone how you feel every day, because at some point, it gets so hard keeping it to yourself….

…Wanting to talk to someone about things that happen in your family…experiencing abuse in your relationship….

…being curious about things such as sex….

….not feeling alright in the present environment and wishing to do a change, but you don’t know where to start….

…being depressed and wanting to seek help, but you feel ashamed, because certain people make you feel that way….

….feeling alone….

…being rejected…

…pretending to be something that you’re not.

The reality is different…..everybody’s going through the same thing, but most people choose not to talk about it.


Why make it such a taboo?

Well,  people like to show how fine they are, because it’s all about appearances… sad, isn’t it?


Writing therapy

When I asked my fiance what comes to his mind when I say this two simple words, writing therapy  he told me that:

Writing therapy is a way of knowing yourself and understand your own way of thinking.Through writing, you can understand better the situations that question the every day life.Writing down on a piece of paper a question, a conclusion, a thought or an idea gives you a different  and deeper perspective over your life, as well as over your thoughts.Writing therapy is the most harmless art of fighting the negative states of the soul. Basically, you are able to read your own soul.

We live in a chaotic world, where technology is all around us and where writing lost it’s fascination, and it’s truly an art which not many practice anymore, but it still exists and it became a therapy for souls…at least for one 🙂

When I first started writing, I didn’t know that I will enjoy it so much. Growing up, I spent most of my time reading and reading, and reading some more and that inspired me a lot, but it drove my mom crazy 😀

I remember she would sometimes hide my books, so that I would go out with my friends….moms, right?

Well, reading  inspired me to write…. and these two small, insignificant things for others, helped me become a person with a different perspective over the life and things around me. It made me look deeper into the meaning of things and words…and words, ah words… so small sometimes, with such a powerful message, and other times, so insignificant for the message they carry…

I started writing very honestly when I lost my grandmother. She was such an amazing person and a true inspiration for me… she helped me become the woman I am today. And after her passing, which was a big shock for me, I didn’t talk much to anybody for a couple of months, but I wrote. I wrote down words that my mouth couldn’t say. After that, writing became part of me, part of my life and the best way to express what my soul is trying to say.

…It brings peace to my soul, freedom to express myself, and knowledge of me. Of who I am. Of who I want to be…

And Jack Kerouac said that” one day I will find the right words, and they will be simple“. But the truth is, that we don’t have to find the right words…we just need to write down the words we already have in mind…our stories ….

Which is your story?

When you hear this simple words, writing therapy, what is the first thought that comes to you?





A couple of years ago, I found the next paragraph on the back of a notebook and it says that:

“Whenever we travel, it seems to take the same few hours to get there. The plane rises over the clouds into an unmarked sky, comes down through  the clouds to what we have to believe is a different place.

But here are the same green road signs, the numbered highways of home, with cars going back and forth, with chimneys and windows identical to the ones  we thought we had left behind…the radio blares familiar radio music.

Soon, we will knock on a door and someone will greet us, will pull us into a room he have never seen, but already know by heart…”

Since I was a child, I loved travelling with my family and friends.

And what I liked the most was the fact that everywhere I went, there was something new, something different that would charm me, something that would make me want to go back, or go further on, something that would make me feel like a little explorer,  like a miniature and modern Christopher Columbus or Amerigo Vespucci, ready to conquer the unknown.

And I can say that I have done my share of travels, as I spent a good couple of years abroad… but now as I, myself, enter a new chapter in my life, I can’t wait to start exploring the unknown with my love, my soon-to-be husband.

The thing is that when you travel alone, sometimes you pass important details, and you don’t really pay attention to everything, but when you’ve got someone by your side, everything is captured in a bigger frame, a deeper memory.

So travel. Travel with your loved ones, or if you like it, travel alone, but don’t settle in one place yet.

You’re missing out big time!


The moment

The man and the woman discovered love….

….and it takes them, surrounds them, embraces them with it’s sweet perfume.

Life seems better when there are two souls instead of one…

…Souls that laugh, cry, are joyful together…

…Souls that dance together, and become ONE.

Souls so beautiful, that the eyes fail to see that beauty…

Hearts that bind,

Hands that hold,

Eyes that look at one another and,

Mouths that have no words left in this moment….

…the moment that becomes THE MOMENT..

A significant,yet hard to describe, but a moment to remember.

REMEMBER the year, the month, the day, the hour, when the man and the woman fell in LOVE..

~ C. G.