A couple of years ago, I found the next paragraph on the back of a notebook and it says that:

“Whenever we travel, it seems to take the same few hours to get there. The plane rises over the clouds into an unmarked sky, comes down through  the clouds to what we have to believe is a different place.

But here are the same green road signs, the numbered highways of home, with cars going back and forth, with chimneys and windows identical to the ones  we thought we had left behind…the radio blares familiar radio music.

Soon, we will knock on a door and someone will greet us, will pull us into a room he have never seen, but already know by heart…”

Since I was a child, I loved travelling with my family and friends.

And what I liked the most was the fact that everywhere I went, there was something new, something different that would charm me, something that would make me want to go back, or go further on, something that would make me feel like a little explorer,  like a miniature and modern Christopher Columbus or Amerigo Vespucci, ready to conquer the unknown.

And I can say that I have done my share of travels, as I spent a good couple of years abroad… but now as I, myself, enter a new chapter in my life, I can’t wait to start exploring the unknown with my love, my soon-to-be husband.

The thing is that when you travel alone, sometimes you pass important details, and you don’t really pay attention to everything, but when you’ve got someone by your side, everything is captured in a bigger frame, a deeper memory.

So travel. Travel with your loved ones, or if you like it, travel alone, but don’t settle in one place yet.

You’re missing out big time!



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