Writing therapy

When I asked my fiance what comes to his mind when I say this two simple words, writing therapy  he told me that:

Writing therapy is a way of knowing yourself and understand your own way of thinking.Through writing, you can understand better the situations that question the every day life.Writing down on a piece of paper a question, a conclusion, a thought or an idea gives you a different  and deeper perspective over your life, as well as over your thoughts.Writing therapy is the most harmless art of fighting the negative states of the soul. Basically, you are able to read your own soul.

We live in a chaotic world, where technology is all around us and where writing lost it’s fascination, and it’s truly an art which not many practice anymore, but it still exists and it became a therapy for souls…at least for one 🙂

When I first started writing, I didn’t know that I will enjoy it so much. Growing up, I spent most of my time reading and reading, and reading some more and that inspired me a lot, but it drove my mom crazy 😀

I remember she would sometimes hide my books, so that I would go out with my friends….moms, right?

Well, reading  inspired me to write…. and these two small, insignificant things for others, helped me become a person with a different perspective over the life and things around me. It made me look deeper into the meaning of things and words…and words, ah words… so small sometimes, with such a powerful message, and other times, so insignificant for the message they carry…

I started writing very honestly when I lost my grandmother. She was such an amazing person and a true inspiration for me… she helped me become the woman I am today. And after her passing, which was a big shock for me, I didn’t talk much to anybody for a couple of months, but I wrote. I wrote down words that my mouth couldn’t say. After that, writing became part of me, part of my life and the best way to express what my soul is trying to say.

…It brings peace to my soul, freedom to express myself, and knowledge of me. Of who I am. Of who I want to be…

And Jack Kerouac said that” one day I will find the right words, and they will be simple“. But the truth is, that we don’t have to find the right words…we just need to write down the words we already have in mind…our stories ….

Which is your story?

When you hear this simple words, writing therapy, what is the first thought that comes to you?





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