For those who have been reading my posts and visit my blog, I have decided to make a short introduction of myself.

To be very honest, I don’t like talking about “mi persona”, because I never know what to say, but I’ll give it a try 😀

Well, I grew up in a big family (I am the 3rd child out of 4), having an older brother and sister, who by the way, encouraged me to break my arm when I was 4 and a half. Long story made short, because my older brother and sister decided that they want to act like monkeys ( they really loved climbing trees), I said to myself “Hey, I want to be just like you” (people who have older siblings will understand me), therefore, they pulled me up in a very big plum tree, and one by one we jumped…well, I missed the landing (big time), and got myself an open fracture…yes, both radius and ulna were “hanging out” to get some fresh air…Since that scared the pants off my siblings, they literally hid me in my room, and my parents started missing me when, and I quote” It got too silent around the house”.

Next thing (by the way, 6 hours after I broke my arm and realized what happened to me), they rushed me to the hospital and I got “fixed”….I loved the bandage for a while, because I became the star of the kindergarten, but then I got bored (I don’t understand how people can be the center of attention for more than 2 months), so I asked my dad to take it off and I was free (not Dobby free, but you get the point).

My next “adventure” was meeting a real, brown bear, in the forest. Another story made short, I went camping with my dad and my uncle when I was 5. Since they’ve decided to go and gather some fire wood, I stood with my dog behind, and next thing I know, is this very big(I was very small) creature coming towards me. Since my mom used to read me bed time stories at that age, I said to myself…wow, just like in the story, (but better) so I started to walk toward the big brown thing… we almost shook hands(or paws), but then my dad decided to ruin all the “fun ” by chasing that bear away together with some other people.

I have to admit that I had the energy of three, therefore it was hard for adults to keep up with me , or for me to keep it down ^_^

More “adventures” followed… when I was 12 I started boxing…that was my dad’s idea of learning how to defend myself…well, it turns out I was made for defending others…one day, a girl(which ended up being my best friend after the “incident”) beat up my younger brother, so my” big sister instinct” kicked in, and I broke her nose and two teeth(who knew I was that strong? I didn’t). Now ,don’t get the wrong idea,because I am not proud of that,but I’m saying that it came in handy.

During middle school and high school,I started reading like a lunatic( I literally read every day…I even have a record: 250 books in one year…therefore the nickname DEXTER), and I started to discover that I have an artistic side…I started to draw(imagine my surprise :D).

After I finished high school, I started travelling. I spent 4 months in Italy, then 2 years in Seoul,South Korea, another year in London, UK and then I returned to Romania. By the way, I am Romanian, and actually proud of that 🙂

Since I was busy investing in myself( I know, it sounds selfish), and trying to discover the real me, I didn’t pay attention to things such as dating and relationships(my brother actually asked me if I’m “OK” LOL).

It made more sense to me, to find out what I really want, and I have decided that I want a mature relationship, so I have slowly prepared myself for that.

And, before turning 24, I have found him, or he found me 🙂

We started as buddies, then we became best friends, and after a while(a short one ) we realized that we want each other, so we started dating….4 months later we were engaged and now we are preparing for the wedding .

So, you see, things don’t need to be rushed. They happen when they are supposed to 🙂

Recently I have lost my dad, and it hit me hard, but I am very thankful that I didn’t have to go through this alone, because this wonderful man, my future husband made sure that I know that I’m not alone. That I feel safe and that I feel his love.

And this taught me something…that people really do have to appreciate the people around them….all the time, not only when they do something nice for you, or at Christmas, when you see their appreciation based on how big the presents are.

Sure, I have flaws( nobody’s perfect)…I over think, I am very critic with my work, I pay too much attention to details(that got me in a few trouble), but at the end of the day(except being happy that the day is over), I am thankful for the good and the bad, for what I have in my life and for having so many opportunities around me.

So, I am a simple person, with a rich history(it sounds like I’m antic), and very old fashioned( I grew up with my grandma and I have to thank her for that….really 🙂 ), and I feel comfortable in my skin. I have accepted( hopefully, others too) that I am not perfect(nor I am trying to achieve perfection), so I am just focusing to do all I can to make the people around me smile, especially my  very special guy 🙂




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