Life’s beauty

Life is beautiful,that’s for sure…but have we ever asked ourselves what defines life’s beauty?

For many, a beautiful life means a life with all the material things they desire, and enough money in a bank account(some hardly get satisfied, no matter the amount). But let’s face it, not everybody has it this way….

For some, life is beautiful if they have with whom to share it with, meaning that love is that something which makes it so amazing. And their treasure is their family. But not all people are so lucky.(the rate of divorce is too high, I’m afraid).

And for a number of people, beautiful life means having a meal for the day, and if they have more, they make sure to share it with people who don’t have. Because they know how is not to have. They appreciate even the smallest act of kindness, and most times they are the ones doing it.

Now, looking at the categories above, we see that people who have less, actually have more. And their true values, aren’t  money, which can be lost in a blink of an eye, but kindness, love, appreciation, thankfulness and peace.

I look around me, mostly at people my age(I am not that old, but people tell me I have an old soul) and I get sad. Where are the principles and morals? When did being cool, meant copying people from TV who look like they are happy, but they aren’t in fact?

When did the values become something not to be done, otherwise you will not be accepted in a group of people?

When having your own opinion started being something so bad?

Every single person on this planet is different, therefore the different way of thinking, and people should start accepting that.

Then, another thing…you as a person, if you don’t respect yourself, nobody will. And I see, mostly young adults, which don’t have any respect towards themselves, and accept being treated like something disposable…that’s wrong on so many levels.

If you  want something for yourself, but you’re too lazy to work for that something, I doubt anyone will come and offer it to you on a silver platter. Remember, those are called fairy-tales.

And hardship sometimes strikes…so we stop and start to wonder…why me? why some people lead beautiful lives, with everything they want, and no worries?


Just stop and sit for half an hour and look at the people passing on the street. How many of them are smiling? If you smile, how many of them are returning your smile?

People live with the illusion of happiness, but in fact, few are happy and lead a beautiful life. And a beautiful life is based on values, and standards, and principles, so don’t let anybody tell you otherwise, and don’t change your way of being, just because people are ignorant.

Lead a beautiful life, and maybe, you’ll spread that beauty around you, and make it beautiful for others too 🙂



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