It’s OK :)

Today I wanted to write about a more serious matter, and you might think “Why so serious?”

Because people struggle with lots of things, and I wanted to say that is OK…you are not the only one going through this 🙂

How come we are afraid of talking how we feel?

Why is it seen as a weakness?

Not being able to tell how you actually feel, is a problem. We should be able to express ourselves out loud without being mocked or looked at, as if we’re crazy.

And of course, people are considered crazy when they are in a bad place.

And the main question is WHY?

We all feel disappointed, right? Maybe because sometimes our hopes are too high… for example, I wanted a car for Christmas, but instead I got a book, or I really wanted to get the job at my favorite company, but instead I got a not-so-good job.

We hope, and hope, and hope some more until the hope is gone, and that’s when the disappointment comes in.

In this case , it is very important to analyze the situations we face or plans that we make, keeping in mind that it might not have the outcome we desire, but still be positive about it, because in this way,  another opportunity will appear .

How about confusion?

It is soo hard to solve a problem, or even take a decision when you’re confused, right? Because you might want to do a thing, but you’re not sure if it’s the right thing, or if you’ll get the desired results….

Sadness... we’ve all been sad at least once a week, because something didn’t go according to our plans, and ta-da, we fall into that weird state where is easier to pity ourselves, or we are just too tired to be hopeful in that moment.

And there are soo many other negative feelings: depression (this one is even dangerous), or stress which can transform into something big….

It is hard to battle all this feelings, when you’re alone, or afraid to speak up, because of other people’s opinion. But it shouldn’t be like that. That’s why we have family, and friends and mentors….to talk to them, to seek help when needed and be of help when we can.

We’ll never manage to find a “safe” way of doing things, because playing it too safe, means not knowing what it might have been,  and we keep thinking “What if…..?”

We shouldn’t live with uncertainty, but try, and try, and try, until we succeed, and even if we don’t, at least we’ll learn a very precious lesson.

So, why not try a different perspective?

Why not look from a different angle?

Why not turn around and see what’s everywhere? 🙂

Remember, we’re all feeling it.




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