One of those days …

Well, nobody said life is a walk in the park ,therefore we get to live this kind of days which I call “crappy days” meaning that I should probably stay in the house all day, unless I have a death wish.

Today I had my last exam (I am too exhausted to be happy) , so as a good student  which would be preparing in advance, I read for it about 10 hours and that was it (  Definitely not graduating “Summa Cum Laude “) , I went to take my exam.

I was feeling very tired and sleepy and not in the mood for an exam but since it was the last one, I said  “Let’s do this”.

So I got up early, but I was soo sleepy I almost went to the hospital to take my exam in pajamas ( I could have fit in just perfectly :D) …changed into something more adequate and I was ready, excepting the fact that I was shaking like a patient with Parkinson (not trying to mock the people who actually suffer from it… I know how horrible can be)….so I say, let’s take some chocolate, maybe my glucose is low (As a friend said…chocolate is the answer, no matter the question)….

On my way to the hospital , I had a weird argument with my Fiance, then a dog almost bitten me, and least but not last, a car wanted to have full contact  with me (since previous “happenings” I learnt my lesson in not saying “What else?” )

I get into the lecture theater and voila, no more seats except the front row.

I get down, “congratulating” my friends ( in my mind with a lot of words I didn’t know I know ) for being so kind letting me “shake” hands with the Dr. and try to read my papers once again, until I realize it’s useless and start accepting the fact that I might fail this one.

Apparently the odds were not against me, as I did OK (trying to be modest here), so after getting home , I say what’s a better way to celebrate my freedom ? …take a nap…. which lasted for almost 5 hours :O

To be very honest, I didn’t have a day like this in ages…but even this is a lesson… DON’T BE AFRAID NOR PANIC… remember that when you’re hiding from day’s like this, movies , ice-cream and chips are to be in stock.

P.S. Now I get the whole hibernation idea. Bears are lucky 😀



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