My writing therapy…

We all have lost someone dear to us and we all have dealt with THAT sadness….

And it’s hard… it is soo hard sometimes you don’t know how to let all that sadness out….

First time I lost someone very dear to me was almost 9 years ago… My grandma was such a huge example and inspiration to me… she was the one I would run to, for anything…

She was such an amazing person… she taught me to believe in God… to pray… to sing…. she taught me that it is ok to cry when I felt like crying.

She was the one hearing all about my first crush…. she was always telling me all this fantasy stories since she was a little child (it was hard for me to imagine that my grandma was once a child)… she was an elegant woman, full of beauty… inside and out.

She was a woman of God and she taught me what are the real and true values… she taught me to have respect for myself, and that no matter what anyone else said, I count as a person and I matter. I am important and I have a purpose in my life.

The day she died, it was my father’s birthday… a happy and a sad day….

I remember a week before her death we were talking about this matter, and once she mentioned it, it was impossible for me to realize that one day she will be gone….

….and when it happened, it hit me… she was dying in front of me and it was still hard to believe…

And you know what she was doing in her last moments? She was praying…

It’s been almost 9 years and I still miss her everyday. I still wish she was here to see what kind of person I have became thanks to her, and to her “investment ” in me….

My dad was my rock… when I was a child, he was my prince and I wished that I would never grow up, so that I could stay my dad’s little girl… he always called me “my little soul”… from the day I was born, and to the day he died…. it happened 6 months ago, on my grandma’s birthday (the irony), and is still hard to accept it.

He died several days before letting him know that I’m getting married… and the fact that he won’t be there on my wedding day it breaks my heart.

We all deal with loss… and it’s hard… it is so hard sometimes, that we don’t know what to do with all that suffering.

What it helps us are the loving people we have around us… they are our rock in those hard moments….

And the truth is that we never forget… we just move on, but they are always in ours souls and minds… and the memories we have with them, keep them alive for us….




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