Today, tonight and….


Tonight, and

Tomorrow, is all about being alive.

Appreciating the moment…..the people ……. life.

Giving thanks, being happy, feeling loved….

And also, giving back to the world a little piece of your heaven 🙂

 And always keep in mind that life is soo much more than what we see…. is what we feel.

Close your eyes, feel the warmth of another heart, let your spirit run free…

…..And you…you feel the music, and live a life worth living.

Leave all your fears behind, and run forward …. don’t miss your chance!



Letter to you

Dear friend,

I always wondered how light are the clouds …

…They travel everywhere, see everything, caption every motion….

And when you look at them, all you see is white, puffy particles of water ….

So I wonder… is our spirit like that too?

Does our spirit travel everywhere, yet doesn’t leave us?

But what is the SPIRIT?

An invisible me who communicates with everything around me? Or maybe a different me that leads a peaceful life?

A me who is running free or a me that is able to connect ?

A me that inspires creation?

A me that sees everything and everyone?

A me that is LOVE, or maybe a me that is WISDOM?

But in the end one more question arises… Where does our spirit leads us to?





What is your passion?

How do we define passion? According to the dictionary, passion is a very strong feeling or an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm about a thing or a person.

Well, I would say it’s something worth fighting for!!!

How can you find your passion?

1. Start from the beginning. Remember what you liked to do as a child. Maybe that’s it 🙂

2. Make a list and surround yourself with all those beautiful ideas of yours….your intentions…who you want to become and what you want to create.

3. Find those inspiring people who got where you want to get. Find their stories. See how they did it.

4. Start doing what you love, pursuing your passion.

Even if you don’t have a business plan ( although it would be nice knowing where you’re headed), start little by little, and in this way, you will discover soo many new things, even about yourself. It’s also a great way to know you, the true you.

5. Make your passion a way of life and enjoy it.

Remember that it doesn’t have to feel heavy, but to bring you happiness. Remember that you started doing this, in the first place, because it brought you in a new, exciting zone.Remember that you DON’T HAVE TO DO IT…you do it because you love it.

What makes you thrilled about each new day?

I for example, love to wake up in the morning, and see the man I love next to me.

I love to see sunshine and remember that I have soo many thing to be grateful about.

I love the fact that I have a new day to make something amazing.

I love to create, and I love this mind of mine ( I know how it sounds 😀 ) and how it works, and all the ideas it brings me.

I love life, even when is hard, because life itself is a miracle, is something to be thankful for, even if it’s not the life we want it….and if it’s not, remember that you can change it. You can make it different 🙂

What is your investment in yourself?

Time. You need to invest time. And energy…and resources. And I can guarantee you that it will be a good investment….maybe the best one 🙂

What are you doing with your abilities?

Don’t let your abilities fade away…instead, use them to create something. What you have, is something unique…maybe a unique voice, a unique way of doing business, and so on. Use it in your advantage. And whatever you do, don’t let it fade away.

So, don’t live the life of a robot…. grow up, go to college, get married, get a job, have children and die.

No,no,no,no,no…. use everything you have to become someone amazing.

Grow up, but in the meanwhile, look around, and decide what you want to become, and what you don’t want in your life.

Go to college, but then again, don’t just go to college… join a club, travel the world….

Get married…but don’t get married just because you are getting old and the first one is “The one”. Instead, find that person that makes you happy even during a storm.

Get a job, not because you have to, but because that is your passion.

Don’t just have children… children are not accidents, and they shouldn’t be seen as one. Have children because you want them… because you want to share the love in your family.

And when you die, don’t die a sad person. But be that kind of person that left something behind. Something that will make people remember you.

So, in the end, there is only one question: Are you letting yourself be driven by your passions?




I want to see sunshine

I want to feel the sun

And it’s warm, pretty rays.

It makes me feel happy

It makes me run wild, free

And tell the people to open

Their pretty eyes, and see

The beauty around us

The smiles on our faces

Oh, it makes me feel happy,

And it should make you too.

~ C.G.



Today is a very special day.

Besides being Women’s Day (Happy Women’s Day to you all. Remember that you are all special 🙂 ), it is the day my fiance proposed to me, a year ago.

It is a day that brings a lot of emotion, and it is a day to remember.

And even though I said “Yes” to him when he proposed… I choose him every day, in every second. He knew how to win my heart, how to put a smile on my face no matter the situation, and the one who brings out what’s best in me.

He is my strength, my home, my love. And he is the one who completes my life.

So Happy Anniversary, my love 🙂

my ring

South Korea in images

South Korea is a beautiful country, full of history and tradition, with amazing places that please the eye.

It can be a place of peace or it can be a place of  fun….. depends on what you want it to be.

During my time spent there, I have took maybe thousands of photos, so I will remember it, just as it is.

Down below are just a few…. Enjoy 🙂

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A perfect day… could you define?

Could you tell me perfect why?

A simple smile,

Beauty in all

An elegant flight,

A fearful roar,

A holding hand,

And it’ll be ok,

Cause I am here

And I’m your friend.

And in the morning,

An ” I love you”,

And “Have a nice day”,

And “I’ll see you soon”.

A calming hug,

A peaceful kiss,

And looking to the face of his….

A lovely look,

The smell of spring,

This keeps me always, smiling…


But remember, that the perfect is perfectly imperfect 🙂