South Korea in images

South Korea is a beautiful country, full of history and tradition, with amazing places that please the eye.

It can be a place of peace or it can be a place of  fun….. depends on what you want it to be.

During my time spent there, I have took maybe thousands of photos, so I will remember it, just as it is.

Down below are just a few…. Enjoy 🙂

63C7E0~1 527400_437120466345388_1373922211_n DSC_0007 DSC_0086 DSC03343 DSC03345 DSC03349 DSC03354 DSCF2803 DSCF3254 DSCF4210 DSCF4243 DSCF4259 IMG_4252 IMG_4326 IMG_5226
IMG_5310 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Picture 021 Picture 023 Picture 029 Picture 031 Picture 037 Picture 039 Picture 049 Picture 050 Picture 066 Picture 067 Picture 075 Picture 076 Picture 077 Picture 078 Picture 098Picture 153  SL381251




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