Music for the soul

We listen to music every day… because it brings something to us, to our soul, to our mood, to our life.

And it feels good when you listen to a song, and think… Wow, it is like this song was written for me, and for this moment.

We tend to listen to music when we feel good, because the rythm makes us shake all we’ve got, and makes us connect with the people around, the ones who enjoy the same music.

But then again, soo many people look for a refuge in a song they relate with….

And that’s the nice thing about music: whether you’re sad, happy, depressed, you can listen to music… because it’s magic… it brings magic…. it brings peace…. it makes you feel understood…. it’s there and it surrounds you.

And life itself is a song….

I choose my life to be a love song.

What do you choose for yours?