Memories, oh my …..

A while back I wrote a short introduction about me and my short, but amazing life…. and truth be told, growing up with three more siblings, and lots of kids in my neighborghood, it was unlikely that we won’t do something stupid…or crazy 😀

So, I was 2, when my parents bought me a bike…such a beautiful red bike. And I completly loved it. I used to sleep with it next to my bed. And growing up, that bike, was used more as a car, than a bike, because I used to ride it together with my younger brother and another friend….So one day, since we all loved to ride it, we couldn’t go one at a time, but together…the result : at the end of the day, my dad had to fix it 6 times, because, we were like those 3 crazy musketeers…”all in this together”.

And do you know those delicious may cherries? Yummy, just even thinking about them….We had a tree like that right in front of the house… A very, very big cherry tree. And because of the branches were too high for my older siblings and I, we came up with a plan… we broke the roof, climb on it, and started eating cherries… now, my parents didn’t know why we suddenly got along so well, but they were happy enough not to disturb us …..until one day, when it was raining outside, and through the roof, was water dripping in one room… We forgot to put the tile back on the roof, and that’s when we got caught….

But this is nothing compared to when my grandma found us stealing her compote… but this happens when you’ve got three grandchildren ,one naughtier than the other 😀

Or when we got around 20 kids from the neighborhood together, and went swimming…then we got hungry. The result? Us coming home with lots of corn… it was delicious!!!

Childhood is an interesting thing…. you have no responsabilities(which is quite great), are allowed to be wild, make stupid but funny things and make memories…. memories that make you smile for the rest of your life.





The secret of the universe

“The universe is a big place…a mystic force that consumes you little by little with the idea of finding its secret.The journey through it seems impossible, because of it’s length, but is not. Your mind can travel from one end to the other in seconds… it can. It did…..The secret of the universe is something that we all hope to find one day…is love. Love is faith, and faith is not religion.

Then, after finding all this answers even though I was in the tumult of the world, I looked up, and I saw you …surrounded by enchanted light, moving from one point to another, not knowing what direction to take, but always hoping that this one is the right one…..even the universe couldn’t measure up the wanting and the longing of your heart….

…A heart whose beat is in perfect harmony with the sounds of the silence…

A heart that found peace in the deepest valley of the mind… A heart that now was complete…just like the mind found peace in the answers got.

A heart that found another heart with the same longing and want…..And together, are chasing through the universe, chasing the same light, the same answers, the same silence….. the same path.

The universe is a big place, but not big enough for two .”  ~C.G.