Autumn joy :)

It’s october and autumn has come, and one thing for sure….I love autumn. Is the season that makes me feel alive and happy, and the way nature bursts with it’s last beauty before letting the cold and snow settle in….it’s like the nature’s “grand finale” for the year. And who doesn’t like that colour show 🙂

What I also like, is the fact that Christmas is coming. For me, Christmas represents HOPE and LOVE and FAMILY, and DREAMS.

Of course I am way too old to believe in Santa(duhhhh), but what I really believe in, is that spirit that surrounds me and takes me to the highest peak, allowing me to see much more than I normally see. It awakes me and fills me with joy and peace and love.

People normally get happy for one second, and the rest of 59 are miserable. That’s actually the human nature. We tend to see mostly, the wrong and bad  things around us, and yet, the beauty that is still found, we don’t appreciate it as we should.

So, why is that?

Every morning I come to work by foot …I enjoy morning walks because I like breathing that cold air, which makes my lungs dance with joy…. and also helps me really wake up  by the time I get to the office 😀 . And every morning I pass by the University of Pharmacy and Medicine here in Cluj. And what really took me by surprize today was the hope and dreams freshmen shown on their faces and their cheerful spirit that finally, they have started that journey they dreamt at.

I love this spirit. The emotion and thrill of starting something new. Something that you don’t really know where will take you eventually, but it’s what you want, it’s what you dream of…..

How many of us, adults, have dreams, and yet we never take one little step in that way, because it’s “a silly dream”?

How many don’t have the support they wished they had from their spouses, or family or friends in order to even dream?

When did we collapse in this monotonous life, and we forget to actually live the life we have?

Do we really appreciate LIFE? Do we really know what LIFE means?


I thought I did, but I didn’t realize that I actually didn’t ( love this word play) as I should, until the day I found that that our family will grow by one member. That we are going to have a baby. And this baby brought in our lives a lot more that we expected.

It brought hopes and dreams, and plans…sooo many plans. It brought soo much light, and if we thought that we love each other a lot, we discovered that there is more love that we can give to each other and to our son.

So, hope is not such a bad thing after all, isn’t it?

Why don’t YOU give it a try? 🙂


“When hope gets lost, and we feel sad,

A ray of sunshine in our mind

Should bloom like blossom flowers in spring,

And sweeps us all from our feet….

Believing that it is much more,

Than we can see or feel or hear,

That we are not alone at all….

But there is always someone who,

Would bring a change in our mood,

And show us that the hope is here,

And always will be right here….near.”