Pregnancy… what to expect

So, after a loong time, I got some me time, and so I’ve decided to write about my experience…about what it’s like to be pregnant.

If you ask people about pregnancy, they would probably say that it is wonderful to be pregnant, and it actually is 🙂

Just thinking that another human is growing inside you, and is part of you…it is thrilling, and I find the whole process amazing. And miraculous 🙂

But pregnancy is much more than this… it’s a maturing process. It’s a step that we all take, but as much as we prepare ourselves , we aren’t really prepared for it.  You can read all the books in the world about it, and still, many things will take you by surprise.

For example, you will try to figure out when the baby kicked for the first time, because all you felt were butterflies in the stomach. Or why are you gaining a lot of weight if your diet is a healthy one. Or how long should you exercise every day? When should you start buying thing for the baby? What hospital should you choose to give birth in ? And all this questions sometimes can confuse you.

Talking to a lot of pregnant women, and new moms, I got to realize that indeed, pregnancy is soo different from one person to another. I for example, really enjoyed it so far, because I didn’t have morning sicknesses, or other manifestations, therefore I could continue work and my everyday life, just as before.

But others on the other hand, couldn’t  escape all the simptoms. And that makes it hard. As much as you want to enjoy, you can’t really because you feel sick all the time, and haven’t got a lot of energy left.

…. Nobody said that is easy, but it is definitely one of the best experiences one can have in life. It represents love, happiness and future. And we all look forward to the future, don’t we?

It brings feelings in you, you never thought of, and transforms you into someone else… I would say in a better version of yourself.

These days, because it’s december, and is cold, I always ask my husband if he is warm enough when he goes outside, and his reply was many times ” Gosh, you sound like a mom” :)) Well, that’s because I am one 😀

Or, for example I discovered that I can be very protective sometimes ( it comes with the ” job” ). :))

And who know what will I discover about myself tomorrow 😀

But I believe that the most important thing is to have people around you that support you and help you. Because the truth is that you need all the help and support you can get.

…..And partners, be there for your wives and girlfriends. They are having a difficult time, dealing with all the changes and hormons ( oh, God, the hormons :)) ), and it helps to tell them how beautiful they are ( even though they gained 20 kg), and make them feel appreciated.



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