Christmas spirit :)

Well, well, well… it’s december already and we all know what that means 🙂

I believe every single one of us awaits for this time, not to only relax, but to take some time off and  spend it with families, friends and people dear to us.


Shopping fever kicks in, and the smell of cinammon is everywhere I go. And the lights …oh the lights in the city are absolutely amazing. They really do give a certain feeling of Christmas. Not only that, but even people tend to be more kind and happy, and giving, and the difference is not only seen, but also felt. Have you ever noticed that usually people tend to have a grumpy face, but around the holidays, you see more and more smiling and enjoying themselves? So I wonder….why is that? Why this big change? Does this period of the year bring a certain SOMETHING? Well, I believe so 🙂


My favorite thing about Christmas is making the Christmas tree, and decorate the house. I think I drove my husband crazy already with all my Christmas cheer ( I have been singing carols since august 😀 ). But what can I do? LOL

It’s that special thing I really love.


I have been asking people lately why do they enjoy or can’t wait for Christmas to come.

Some people said that they wait for Christmas because they celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, and some others because they simply enjoy this time of the year, and everything that comes with it.  And we all have different reasons why we celebrate or choose not to celebrate it, but the most important thing is not to accept the other person’s opinion, but to respect it 🙂



So let’s show some Christmas spirit and be more kind to each other. And more loving, and more caring, because you never know, but you might work a miracle in one’s life, and what better perioad to do it than this?

And in the same time, let’s not be kind and caring and loving just in december. Let’s do it all year round. It might be a challenge, for sure, but it is totally worth it 🙂

Good luck spreading the cheer 😉


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