Once in a blue moon

Once in a blue moon… 

First time I came across this expression, I was mesmerized by it, even though I didn’t know what exactly does it mean….

…I started looking for a definition, and as it turns out it means something rare.

So, then I went further on, and thought : What is it rare in the world?

Well, if you come to think of it, soo many things become rarities : values, true beauty ,kindness, a smile on a person’s face walking down the street…… even common sense, is not often found.

But true love and a faithful partner, the true concept of a family,respect towards one another  …now this are things that happen once in a blue moon. And it’s very sad, in a way, because all this should be a ” normal” thing….but then again, what is normal nowadays?

Today I was reading an article about breastfeeding in public… and there are many opinions about it. But leaving all the opinions aside, when did it become normal for a woman to show her breasts in a small size top, but abnormal to breastfeed her child?( not critizing, just pointing out the truth). A thing that is soo natural to do…

And when did it become something normal, to see on the news that x people were killed in an air raid, or shot by someone?

When did all this become our normality?

And when did normal become something abnormal, weird even? Or a thing that “happens once in a blue moon”?

So, as you see, this phrase expresses soo much in just a few words….

…And each and every one of us, can choose which meaning to give to this….

So choose wisely, and if this few words don’t have a meaning for you, give it a meaning…something that will make a difference…something that will count. Something positive and something to look forward to.




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