Welcome to parenthood

When my husband and I found out that I’m pregnant, we were im awe. We knew that it is going to change our lives, but we also knew that we can do it. That this baby is the product of our love and that he or she will be a blessing for us.

And so, weeks went by and we enjoyed my pregnancy and the changes it brought.

We saw our baby’s tiny little heart on a monitor beating like crazy… then it was the first kick in my belly…then we found out that we are going to welcome a baby boy in our lives and the weeks went by until we reached 40 weeks but the baby was still not planning to meet us. So the doctor suggested that I should exercise more, and this is when the fun started.

We live in a 10 floor building, so imagine me, 40 weeks pregnant walking up and down the stairs at least 10 times a day hoping that my water will break or I will start having some serious contractions…. but still nothing, nada, niente. So I kinda started to feel impatient. And just when I was about to loose hope…guess what. ….contractions started. And 24 hours later, our son, Eric was born.

I consider myself lucky because I had such amazing people taking care of me and my baby, and that my husband was with me every minute of the day and night. It really made the difference 🙂

And now, three weeks later, I am writing this article while Eric is sleeping like a baby next to me… that’s because he is a baby. LOL 😀

This 3 weeks have been a challenge….and such a wonderful one.

I learnt soo much from this little creature that resembles my husband entirely, but most important, I learnt what patience really looks like.

It’s amazing how he wakes me up 3 times a night and all I do is smile, even though I am sleepy like crazy… how his smile makes me feel like I’m in heaven, or how the image of my husband holding our baby in his arms reflects perfection.

Since our baby is sleeping a lot during the day and night, I can not say that there is a big change in our daily routine, and yet, our days are completly different.

Being a parent is new and can be confusing sometimes because the responsability is huge, and at times you’re not sure what you’re supposed to do next.

But the thing is that nobody knows at first…. We learn every day how to do it, and we grow together…we take every challenge and we turn it into victory.

And at the end of the day, the difference is visible.

At the end of the day you realize that all the worries during the day, if he’s either sleeping too much or not enough; if the tummy ache is still bothering him or if he’s warm enough, are what makes you a parent.

If you’re a good or a bad one, only time will tell.   In the meantime all you can do is your best and hope that every decision taken, is the right one 🙂12190954_10153705418456489_8618374676626399558_n


Happiness is…

Happiness is waking up with the sunlight on your face;

Happiness is enjoying a breath of fresh air on an early morning;

Happiness is waking up next to the person you love;

Happiness is enjoying a good cup of coffee;

Happiness is making a dream come true;

Happiness is discovering happiness;

Happiness is having a good conversation;

Happiness is home and home is happiness;

Happiness is growing old with your best friend, your love, your soulmate;

Happiness is YOU;


What do I believe in?

” One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.”

From ancient times, religion and faith have been a controversial subject.

Everyone wanted to be right and have ” the right” religion and God. And whoever disagreed, was persecuted.

But based on what criteria do we make this choice?

Well, some people are “born and raised” with it, and some others make this choice along the way.

Around 98% of the people I know are christians, but that doesn’t make them better than the other 2%, who are either muslim, buddhists or have no religion…in other words, atheists. On the contrary… to be very honest, and even to my surprise, I have found more kindness and understanding in the 2%, than the others.

What I don’t like, is how some people are trying to make you believe in something that they believe in. We are different, therefore we have different beliefs. And what I don’t like even more, is the fact that people do not respect each other’s beliefs. Being a christian might work for you but not for the person next to you. It could be a cultural thing, a personal one, or based on the experiences they have encountered.

But getting to the point:

What do I believe in?

I  believe in God, and  I used to go to church every single sunday. I used to pray a lot and live my life according to the bible,  but I have to admit that I often got confused how the church interprets the bible,and never got the answers I was looking for. As a matter of fact, I never got a “real answer”, but the same old “story”…so I stopped going to church . This was not the only reason…there were many more, and even though I have been and still am  harshly judged by certain people for my choice, I do not regret it.

But this whole situation got me rethink the entire matter. And I came to realize that I do not have to define my faith by religion or let the church do it for me.

I believe in good, in doing good. I believe in love, in the power of family. I believe in living a beautiful life, lead by principles. I also believe that what goes around, comes back around. Many people would define this as karma, but I choose not to give it “a name”. I don’t believe that I have to label all the things. Some things are just better without a label on it… it’s good to have freedom in expressing yourself.

Truth be told, this subject is a never ending story, but it matters the way you approach it. Why?

Because we live surrounded by all kinds of people. And who are we to judge? Who am I to say that my choices are the best for the person next to me? Who or what gives me the right to bring that person down for whatever reason….?

I think this world we live in, would be a lot better if we just mind our own business and even if we disagree with others, continue to respect who they are.