“When we met, we knew
we were kindred souls;
people like us only came around
once every blue moon
and I could not tell you
how dazzling it was
to know that for that night
the universe wore a dress,
the colour of indigo.”

It’s amazing just how wonderful life is next to the right person, and what colours that person can bring in a black and white world.

I am amazed just how beautiful life can be, if you choose beauty over problems and every day routines.

Life is a gift…a miracle…so why not live it as such? Why not live a beautiful life, full of happiness, love, peace and creativity, instead of burying yourself in worries, issues and wrong people?

We, humans, rarely realize just how lucky and blessed we are… and we live our lives poorly… without giving our lives a meaning…living a stressful life…a sad life….

I do too, have problems, and stress doesn’t pass me by, but I choose to wake up in the morning with a big smile on my face, to look to the right and to the left and see how amazing the men in my life are ….to appreciate them, to love and laugh, and be grateful for every minute and every second that I have .

I write about beauty, because this is what I see all around me…BEAUTY.

I write about love, because I AM IN LOVE and I AM LOVED, and I want to shout it from the top of the mountain.

I write about being grateful, because I AM GRATEFUL. I have all the reasons to be grateful.

I write about peace, because PEACE brings a person into a state where the mind and the heart can hear each other, can communicate, and can bring balance in one’s life.

Instead of giving value to material things, first value your life, and before start making any choices regarding your future, take time to know yourself, know what you want, and your choices will be right…and so will be the person next to you.




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