Past. Future. Present. Three words that characterize our whole life….three simple words, yet words which summarize our existence, words which have a bigger impact than we believe or can even imagine.

PAST….We all have a past, and for some is a beautiful period, while for others was a time of struggle, battle, trying to survive to the time, experience and people. For some might have  been painted in white and pink, while for others was all dark or grey.

And all you can think is to make your PRESENT better…to make it easier, to make it! But it might be hard if your past is still hunting you, right? That’s why is better to close all the unsolved issues, in order to open new chapters, and move forward.

And all this have to be made in order to secure a FUTURE… A beautiful “will be”.

And every time we try to define the lines between these three periods, we somehow fail. Why?

Because we are genetically programmed to  think about the sad, hard, past thing…and this shadows our present and future.

Sometimes we are at fault…other times, others make sure for us to stay in the past…to ” call when you wake up”…because they can’t handle the changes…because they are still wanting something that endeed many many years ago…and a person that doesn’t exist anymore.

I find people very strange…don’t you?

Well, we are all strange in our way, but it is important to leave that strange aside and move on, live our lives, make beautiful memories to have a beautiful past… do whatever you wanna do in the moment in order to live in the present, and plan for the future…dream bigger than ever and fight to achieve it.

You can choose for your life to be a love song or a sad ballad.

Whatever you do, just let things in the past…don’t drag them with you: solve and close! …and don’t let them drag you in the past.

You deserve a beautiful present and future!!!




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