Why compare?

People tend to compare a lot…and I mean A LOT.

Their cars, their houses, their partners, their children….

What I don’t get is why??? Why would you compare a person with another one? Is like comparing an elephant with a fish… get it?

So, ever since I became a mom, I get a lot of ” just wait and see that your child will do this and do that, and the other one”…

Now my question is: how the fuck do you know? ( everyone,please pardon my language because I never swear but this is an exception…a very big one in fact).

Have you met my kid? Do you know what kind of behaviour does he have?

Oh, and the other thing…funny story actually …or maybe not so funny after all.

I have a couple of “friends” who happens to also have children 🙂

And whenever we meet, we always ask each other about our kids( I believe it’s customery) . So, I always wait and listen what they have to say, but whenever is my turn, some of them do stuff like…” oh, but kid didn’t do that at that age…is it NORMAL?” , or ” oh, see( kids name)? you have do you it too, otherwise her son will be better than you.”

And then, in my mind I say again…what the fuck?

People, love your children and stop comparing them. Get the point that they are unique, and beautiful and smart in their own way, and so is every single person on this planet.

So why not enjoy that uniquity? It’s the most beautiful thing, I believe 🙂

Stop Cartoon


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