The story of a curious boy

“This is the
beginning of a new
story, the story of a
very curious boy.
It all started on a
beautiful February
evening, when the stars
in the sky, were
singing the most
beautiful song the
universe has ever
heard…it was the song
of hope, of beauty and
of love.
The love that took form
of a beautiful baby boy,
with blue eyes…as blue
as the ocean.”


” One sunny afternoon, while playing with his bear friend, Rupert, his mommy showed him a new book. But it was a different kind of book, not like the ones about the universe or birdie-birdie.

It was a book about a few animal friends living in a forest.

“Winnie the Pooh”, read his mommy out loud, “was a fluffy bear who loved honey more than anything in the world.”

That’s a funny name, he thought… oh wait, there’s more?

Piglet and Eeyore, and Kanga and Roo, And Rabbit and Owl and Tigger is too.

Oh mommy, this is a funny story. I want to hear some more, he said.

So his mommy took him into a world of adventure with Winnie the Pooh and his friends into the Hundred Acre Wood, a forest full of magic, a world for a little boy to run free and discover the beauty of a tree or the importance of a bee.

A new world where his curiosity can take another form, and a world where a bear can pretend to be a cloud just to snuggle up some honey because he’s soo rumbly in his tumbly.”

These are just a few lines from the book I wrote for my son,Eric.

His birth was the most amazing thing I have experienced, and the pregnancy was soo wonderful, that I wanted to celebrate it in an unique way, and that’s when the ideea of a book came. Because believe it or not, he absolutely loves books. We read for hours every day( you wouldn’t believe how patient he can be), and always looking at me with those big blue eyes…ah, I just love his curiosity 🙂

I had a lot of fun writing it,and also drawings some of the images from the book. And his first reaction to the book…priceless 🙂 He almost torn a page :))…well,he’s only 7 months old…what did I expect? 😀

And what better way to finish this article than :

“And this is only the beginning.
Beautiful new things are yet to be discovered.
Colors to be drawn, songs to be sang, and words to be whispered.
Soon, the little boy will discover new adventures, which will be
written furthermore, so that he might read them on a beautiful
sunny afternoon.”