It all begins with me :)

Happy New Year 🙂
Is it happy soo far?

Well, I celebrated New Year’s Eve in bed, with a fever of almost 40 degrees C, with shivers like I was at the North Pole, and my sweet husband taking care of me like I was a child, while my baby was patting me and hugging me dearly,and frankly it was the best medicine. So this morning,I woke up,fresh like a new born baby,and had an amazing day with my family. Why it was soo amazing? Because it was full of love,and peace and my baby boy is walking by himself, running from one room to another like it’s being chased by a dog ( daddy is playing the dog role 😀 ).

And just like many of you, I made a list of things I want to achieve in the new year.

I am aware of the fact that it will take a lot of time, and power of will, but I am determined…VERY determined to become a better version of myself.

So,it all begins with me 🙂

It might become hard on the way,but if I remind myself why I want this changes in my life, I know I will overcome any obstacle (and to bring up my husband’s saying, ” You haven’t met my wife” LOL).

And remember, any day is a good day to start making changes. It doesn’t have to be 1st of January…it can also be a random tuesday 🙂




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