Pure love

” He loved her without desperation and needs and wants.
With his naked soul,
he loved her,
and dreamt
of her clothed
in white dancing
beneath the moonlight
as the stars
grew jealous of the way she moved.”

I’ve always dreamt of a love so pure, that would be able to change the course of a river, or would move the mountains.

I admit, I was a dreamer…until my dream came true.

So, I don’t have to dream anymore, but to live this pure love.

I believe I am the lucky one, because I didn’t have to give my heart away countless times, until I would find THE ONE…I chose to wait, and HE CAME, at right time, in the right place.

Love, like many other things, has it’s own time. Don’t rush it, don’t let it go, but observe it and feel it.

Obstacles may and will come your way, but your love will move the mountains if you believe it.

So…wait. For the right time and the right place…