Today is about love

Today is about love…

Today is about appreciation…

Today is about YOU…

Recently I discovered a beautiful love story, about a him and a her and their 3 beautiful children…except that he passed away days before their 3rd child was born.

And she writes him letters…love letters….beautiful letters.

So I read them…and I cried. I wept like a child…

And it got me thinking ( like many others who read them as well)…we are so fragile… life is sometimes too short… and we never know when our times has come.

And do we really make the best of it? Do we really appreciate the people in our lives enough?

Do we say I love you enough?

I don’t think so… I didn’t say I love you enough. I didn’t say it to my dad before he passed away, and I didn’t say it to my grandma enough. And I regret it…. because I miss them like crazy.

And every day I look at my husband and child, I stop and think what it would have been like for my dad to be a grandpa. My grandma would have loved our bundle of joy, our little miracle…

And even though I tell my husband and baby that I love them more than 100 times a day, it’s still not enough.

So: do we say I love you enough?




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