First day… and then, the rest of our lives

Do you know the feeling when you meet someone for the first time, but it feels like you already know each other?

      It was a beautiful day in may when we shook hands and introduced ourselves…well, I introduced myself…he was too surprised to respond 🙂

Didn’t pay to much attention to what has just happened since I didn’t think anything would happen, but it did…it lit up a spark…which I wasn’t aware of until later…

….When I first saw you, I was mesmerized , like I was carried in the past and future, in the same time, all this, while you were shaking my hand. In that moment, I knew that I needed to see this wonderful creature again. So, I returned , day after day after day, hoping that our conversation would be longer than “Hello”.

 I wasn’t expecting to see him so often, but I secretly wished to, because he was making my heart bounce…

First date….

We were both nervous, not knowing what to expect ….We met for a coffee, then we took a walk in the park…it was promising….other dates followed….. it became clearer where we were headed to.

“Mars will be just a place where we’ll stop to admire the Earth and it’s beautiful blue oceans and then we’ll move further,because our journey has no destination…”

We celebrated our first week together, first Christmas, first  new year, first Valentine’s day, birthdays, and then, one wonderful evening, he turned to me, proposing….he realized that life together is the only life he wants, so we started a whole new chapter….

Despite the fact that it was such a wonderful journey until now, it wasn’t easy, due to the difference between us, but we have decided to solve all the problems,  and continue our journey together, as ONE.

I still wake up in the morning to find flowers next to my bed and letters in my pockets… I still get invitations to dates, or movies, because even thought we are about to get married, we are still continuing to conquer each other ….love is a process , don’t forget that 🙂

Love is the most wonderful thing, and is not supposed to be lost from our souls, no matter what life brings. Love needs to be the pillar on which two souls build their lives. Love is the answer to all life’s questions, because when you find love, you find the answer.

So to all the people out there who are in love, we have just one advice: once you found him or her, make sure you know that that’s the right person(not the perfect one)  and then start building a beautiful life together.

Don’t settle for a sms saying I love you, but do it in person as often as you can. Instead of an email, write a letter or a poem. Instead of buying chocolate, why don’t you cook for her?

Make sure you give compliments, and pay attention to details.And most important, make sure that you are willing to compromise. You have to do it at some point…

For those who are still waiting for love to come their way… don’t lose hope, and don’t be in a hurry…it comes when the moment is right. No need to rush the process. And use that alone time for yourself…. it might be what you need for the moment.


Ah, love… such a wonderful feeling 🙂